Plan life around your Parkinson's

Lots of people with Parkinson's tell us that one of the most important things to do is make plans.

This means setting personal goals and making positive life changes to help you achieve your targets.

Parkinson's can be unpredictable and it may sometimes feel like you can't plan for the future.

But there are things you can do to make this easier.

Make lifestyle changes

Making lifestyle changes to help you maintain your independence could include things like trying a new exercise plan or changing your morning routine to better suit your symptoms.

You may find it useful to make lists to remind you of what you need to do, or organise something for the weekend.

Your plans may be both short-term and long-term. For example, you may want a simple goal for the day, but also a long-term ambition you're working towards – such as learning a new skill or hobby, or planning a holiday.

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Planning your life around Parkinson's

How can you keep doing all the things you want to do?

In this video, people with Parkinson's talk about finding ways to work around the condition.

Koki was diagnosed with Parkinson's when she was 46

"After I had surgery, I restarted at work and applied to do a Masters degree – I think I was trying to do too much.

"Now I know I don't have anything to prove and enjoy what I have. Like my art therapy class, which I love."

Koki lives with her family in Wolverhampton.

How do you plan life with Parkinson's?

Do these ideas help, or do you have your own approach?

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