Get Parkinson's drugs on time: resources for you and hospital staff

When someone with Parkinson's doesn't get their medication at the time prescribed for them, their symptoms become uncontrolled.

We want to make sure that you can take your own medication in hospital or that your healthcare professional makes sure you get it on time, every time.

Our range of Get It On Time resources can help. Order or download them now.

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This poster can be used and distributed to promote our Get It On Time campaign.

The campaign aims to ensure that people with Parkinson's going into hospital get their medication on time, every time.

Put the poster up at your local Parkinson's UK group, or get your Parkinson's nurse to put one up at their hospital.

Download and print a get it on time poster

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This clock poster can be used on hospital wards to prompt staff to make sure people with Parkinson's get their medication on time and can keep control of their symptoms.

It is laminated so it can be reused and has 2 clocks covering the full 24 hour period.

It is also available as a double-sided A5 flyer that can be kept in the Get It On Time washbag.

Order a copy of the clock on the Parkinson's UK shop.
You can also order the clock by post or phone.

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These stickers can be used and distributed to promote our Get It On Time campaign. Stick them on patient medical records to remind staff that people with Parkinson's need their medication on time every time.

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You can also order our stickers by post or phone.

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The Get It On Time washbag helps people with Parkinson's to store their medication and inform hospital staff that they need to take it on time.

It includes tips on preparing for a hospital stay and a card to record your medication doses.

Order the washbag and replacement contents from our shop

You can also order replacement contents for your washbag:

You can also order these items by post or phone.

Get It On Time

We're campaigning to make sure that everyone in a hospital or care home gets their medication on time - every time.