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Clinical research training fellowships

Our clinical research training fellowships are for qualified health and social care professionals who would like to train in research relevant to Parkinson's.

We are proud to be collaborating with the Medical Research Council (MRC) as part of their Clinical Research Training Fellowship scheme.

Clinical research training fellowships are offered for up to £250,000 over 3 years.

Up to two clinical research training fellowships will be awarded under this scheme, jointly funded by Parkinson's UK and the MRC.

We are focused on finding new and better treatments for Parkinson's, and one day a cure. And we're investing in big ideas that will speed up the research process, and deliver treatments to the people who need them faster.

We're also keen to fund research that improves quality of life in the shorter term - see our top 10 priority research areas for improving everyday life.


The deadline for clinical research training fellowship applications has now passed.

Costs and eligibility

Clinical research training fellowships are offered for up to £250,000 over 3 years.

To find out more about what funding can cover and eligibility requirements, please read the guidance for fellowship applicants.

As part of a jointly funded award, fellows would be required to submit annual and final reports to the charity and to submit grant evaluation data to Researchfish annually.

Grantholders are also asked to host up to 2 engagement activities with people affected by Parkinson's.

Please read our policies affecting grants before making an application.

How to apply

To apply for a jointly funded clinical research training fellowship, please visit the MRC clinical research training fellowship page for further information.

Applicants must upload the joint funding form as part of their cover letter.

Queries regarding the application procedure should be directed to the MRC at [email protected]

To find out more about our other funding opportunities, contact [email protected].

Since 2013, we have had 25 applications and awarded 3 grants.