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Team Parkinson's Hub

Thank you for everything you do as a member of Team Parkinson's.

Together we've already achieved so much.

We convinced the NHS to fund crucial Parkinson's medication. The NHS now supplies Duodopa across the UK.

We created specialist Parkinson's nurses. Today there are more than 350 across the UK, and we campaign for more wherever they're needed.

We're using our brains for research. Since 2009, over 10,000 of us have pledged our brains for Parkinson's research.

We successfully lobbied the government on PIP assessments. 33,875 people signed our petition, and now people who get the highest rates of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) won't have to attend regular reviews.

All of this wouldn't have been possible without your support.

But there's still more to do. And we need more people to help us do it.

Tools to grow the team

We've created some handy resources for you to use to spread the word about Team Parkinson's. The more people who join in, the more we'll achieve. So please tell your friends and family to join the team!

You can find and download the tools below.

Fact card

Give this card to your family, friends, neighbours - even your postman. The facts are things people with Parkinson's wish everyone knew. So the card is a great way to increase understanding about the condition and spread the word about the team!


Give this postcard to someone you know to spread the word about Team Parkinson's. It shows what we've already achieved together, and asks people to join in so we can achieve even more.


Put this poster up in your local area to spread the word about Team Parkinson's. The more people who join in, the stronger we'll be.

Other ways to get involved

There are so many things that we're all doing to help end Parkinson's. Every action - no matter how big or small - makes a difference.

Team Parkinson's actions

  • Increase understanding of Parkinson's by telling other people about the condition.

  • Add our twibbon to your social media profile and show your support.

  • Help shape research projects and clinical trials by joining the Research Support Network.

  • Campaign for change by signing a petition or joining the Campaigns Network.

  • Give a bit of time by volunteering - either in the community or from home.

  • Give a bit of money by making a donation or taking part in a fundraising activity.

  • Just show that we care by wearing our pin badges.

  • Donate your brain to help researchers find a cure.

And don't forget to help grow the team! Use the tools above to spread the word.