Group of attendees sitting at a table smiling

Parkinson's UK Members' Day and AGM

Join your fellow Team Parkinson's members at this year’s Members' Day and Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 12 October 2019.

Team Parkinson's is the new name for membership of Parkinson's UK – and it's a new way of showing the world that we’re one big community, uniting to end Parkinson's. Forever.

This year's Members' Day and AGM is a great opportunity for members of Team Parkinson's to share ideas and inspiration, learn about our new 5-year strategy and help shape the future of Parkinson's UK.


We're building on the success of last year by holding another multi-location event. There'll be venues in London and other key UK locations, as well as opportunities to participate from home.

Event locations:

Please check this page again in July for further details about venues, early registration and the day's agenda.

A reminder about papers

As in previous years, the paperwork to accompany the meeting will be sent to members by email (so check your spam filters!), or in the post if you don't have an email address at the beginning of August.

Printing and posting papers costs the charity around £20,000 each year. So if you don't need a hard copy, please register your email address by contacting our Supporter Services team on 0800 138 6593 or at [email protected] – they will also be able to update any other contact details we have for you.

The bulky documents that we'll consider at the AGM will be available on this webpage from 1 September 2019. Unless specifically requested, a hard copy of these documents will not be sent.

Please email [email protected] or call 020 7963 9253 for any other information on the Members' Day and AGM.