Project Grants College of Experts

The College of Experts makes recommendations for funding for Parkinson's UK's project grant, themed research and fellowship schemes.

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The College of Experts is formed of scientific experts from all areas of Parkinson’s research and additional areas of scientific technical expertise.

The College of Experts is involved in reviewing project grants, from pre-proposal to full application and panel meeting phase. The College makes recommendations for funding for small grants, project grants, themed research and fellowship schemes.

The College of Experts has to follow a strict code of conduct.

For more information about the role of our College of Experts members, read the College of Experts terms of reference.

The College of Experts panel meeting is chaired by Professor Kenneth Smith at the UCL Institute of Neurology.

Kenneth's primary field of expertise is Multiple Sclerosis. His research interests overlap with the activity in many fields of Parkinson's research, including neuroinflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, neuroprotection, electrophysiology, animal models, rodent behaviour and brain imaging.

He has served on research grants panels for other organisations including the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust.

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Professor Kenneth Smith (Chair)
Head of Department of Neuroinflammation, UCL Institute of Neurology
Profile of Professor Kenneth Smith