Occupational therapy referral menu for people with Parkinson's

This occupational therapy (OT) referral menu highlights common day to day concerns of people living with Parkinson’s and can be used when referring them to occupational therapy. It is designed to raise awareness, support higher quality referral data and increase rates of access to occupational therapists for people with Parkinson’s.

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This short form is for use by any professionals requesting OT assessment, intervention and advice for a person with Parkinson’s.

It lists over 30 common issues across 3 domains: psycho-social; self-care and other activities; and mobility. It allows a referring professional to quickly indicate areas of current concern and add further relevant details.

The OT Parkinson’s Network developed this referral menu to provide rich data to aid the provision of OT services and to complement existing referral systems.

Fiona Lindop, Specialist Parkinson's Physiotherapist and Excellence Network clinical lead for therapies has commented on the OT referral menu:

"This is a very comprehensive resource and includes a lot of things that many people, including health professionals, are not aware that occupational therapists cover. It should encourage referral to occupational therapy."

Using the OT referral menu

Completed forms can be attached to digital referrals. Printed or digital copies can be distributed to services such as GP surgeries, social workers, neurology clinics and physiotherapy services. The OT referral menu is available to download below in Word or PDF format.

Download the Occupational therapy Parkinson's referral menu (Word, 39.1KB)

Download the Occupational therapy Parkinson's referral menu (PDF, 497KB)