The UK Parkinson's Excellence Network launches new learning pathway for health and care staff

The UK Parkinson's Excellence Network has launched a new learning pathway to help health and care staff working with people with Parkinson's easily find appropriate learning and improve their understanding of the condition.

Understanding the specific challenges and features of Parkinson's is crucial to providing the highest quality care and tailored treatment for people living with the condition.

To help all health and care staff readily access relevant resources and professional development opportunities, the Excellence Network has launched a new learning pathway. 

The pathway includes free, accredited and endorsed learning suitable for all professionals across health and care sectors, including Pharmacists and GP's.


The pathway makes it easy to find relevant resources, study days and courses to develop knowledge and skills.

When entering the pathway, you can select your current level of understanding from new to Parkinson's to quite experienced and explore information and resources according to your interests and learning needs. 

The learning ranges in length and depth from 20-minute bite sized resources through to certificated learning with the Open University. 

Where appropriate, the learning is endorsed by the relevant professional body, ie the Royal College of Nursing. From January 2019 most of our learning will also be awarded CPD points for ease of recording your Continuous Professional Development.


You can register for the pathway by visiting our learning hub, selecting the Health and Care pathway and registering your details. By collecting your details, we can better tailor our learning resources to the needs of professionals accessing our tools. 

On the learning hub you'll also find information about the pathways we launched earlier this year for Parkinson's nurse specialists and therapists. There is also information about other events and learning opportunities.


The pathway is a live document. To keep it current and relevant we need you to tell us about any Parkinson's learning for health and care professionals you have come across and found helpful.

It's also helpful to have feedback on your learning what you have found useful or not so useful to make and keep the pathway as good as it can be for everyone.

Contact the Excellence Network team at [email protected]