Learn more about managing bone health and fracture risk in Parkinson's


Welcome to our free online course created with the Open University. It's suitable for Parkinson's specialist nurses and clinicians who provide clinical input for people with Parkinson’s. 

We are delighted to launch our new free online course on the management of bone health and fracture risk in Parkinson's.

The course was written by Dr Celia Gregson, Dr Emily Henderson and Dr Veronica Lyell. Parkinson's UK and the Open University produced the course. 

Who's the course for?

100% of professionals who piloted the course said they will change their practice or try to influence change, with one commenting:

"We do not routinely assess for fracture risk or recommend vit D, I will look into incorporating this into our practice as a team". 

Alison Leake, Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist

This course has been designed for professionals, such as Parkinson's specialist nurses and other clinicians, who provide clinical input for people with Parkinson's in outpatient and inpatient settings. Its purpose is to enhance your understanding and recognition of bone health issues in Parkinson's and to guide you in assessing and managing the increased fracture risks associated with the condition.

The course asks learners to reflect on their own practice and is assessed via quizzes. Successful learners will earn a digital badge for passing the course. 

The National Parkinson's Audit 2015, conducted by Parkinson's UK, highlighted that fracture risk is not routinely assessed or managed in people with Parkinson's, though the impact of fractures are particularly high in this group of patients. 

This free course uses illustrative case studies and interactive exercises to support learning, which will be assessed with online questions at the end of the course. Studying at your own pace, this unique online course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and latest best practice to give you greater knowledge around bone health and fracture risk in order to help patients.

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