Parkinson's Active

We've launched Parkinson's Active, a 3 year National Lottery Community Fund Project developing a Parkinson's Scotland exercise network.

There's no cure for Parkinson’s. However, there is growing evidence that structured exercise may slow its progress. Keeping active is important for your mental and physical wellbeing, especially for people with Parkinson’s.

Regular structured exercise can help manage symptoms, improve your mood and make everyday movements a little easier.

So we've launched Parkinson's Active, the first Parkinson’s Scotland exercise network. From local exercise opportunities for people with Parkinson’s, to inspiration, to resources for professionals. We've got everything you need.

    Local exercise opportunities

    Parkinson’s Active is currently working in partnership with Leisure Trusts across Scotland to deliver exercise classes online and in-person when allowed, specifically for people with Parkinson’s. We're working with:

    Use our look-up tool to find activities near you.

    Exercising with Parkinson's

    One of the biggest challenges to exercise is knowing where to start, what type of activity is best, where you can access it.

    We've put together some resources and guidance, so that you can find the right exercise and support for you, whatever your ability.

    Support for Professionals

    In Scotland, we want health professionals and leisure providers to feel confident in supporting people with Parkinson's. 

    Join the Physical Activity Scotland Group to keep up to date with workshops and guidance, and support people with Parkinson’s to exercise.

    To join, email [email protected].