Parkinson's: physical activity and exercise (Excellence Network)

This course is for people who provide or promote physical activity and exercise to people with Parkinson's. This may be in a leisure centre, health care setting or in the community.

2 hours approx
Event / learning type

How does it work?

This course will give you access to multimedia resources on Parkinson's and physical activity and exercise. These are broken down into different learning units.

The learning is self-directed. You can log in at any time to work through the learning units at a pace that suits you. There are activities to complete throughout and at the end of each unit that will help you apply the knowledge you have gained. A certificate is available to download to self-certify participation.

What will participants learn?

The learning units focus on the following areas:

  • What Parkinson's is
  • Why it's important to be active with Parkinson's

This will enable participants to:

  • Recognise and appreciate key Parkinson's symptoms
  • Know how Parkinson's is diagnosed and managed
  • Know why it is important for people with Parkinson's to be active and exercise
  • Know the barriers and motivators to being active and exercising
  • Apply the learning to make physical activity and exercise more accessible for people with Parkinson's.

Please note: from 1 July 2022 you will not be able to access courses using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 11 browser