Investing in a new treatment to improve symptoms and slow Parkinson’s

Parkinson's UK is pleased to announce a new project worth £1.2million to fund essential research towards new treatment that could both improve symptoms and slow the progression of Parkinson's.

Fast tracking better treatments

The project, which is part of our growing Parkinson's UK's Virtual Biotech portfolio, is a collaboration with 2 leading research organisations – contract innovation and research organisation, Selcia, and computational chemistry software and services provider, Cresset.

About the project

The aim of the project is to develop new drug molecules with the potential to improve symptoms, by allowing brain cells to produce their own dopamine, as well as protecting remaining brain cells from damage.

Drug molecules that may be able to do this have already been identified, however, they would not work for Parkinson's as they cannot enter the brain. In this project, we will attempt to create new drug molecules that can.

If successful, this project will produce candidate molecules that can be rapidly progressed into pre-clinical testing, and ultimately towards clinical trials

Dr Arthur Roach, Director of Research at Parkinson's UK, said:

"It's fantastic to be working in partnership with these organisations, which have an exceptional range of skill and expertise in drug discovery. Should initial studies go well, we could be looking at a new drug that has the potential to help millions of people with Parkinson's across the world."

Find out more

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