Walking and Parkinson's: Matt's tips on being out and about

Matt shares his tips on walking and Parkinson's and talking to people about his condition when he is out and about.

“Try and slow your breathing down so you are walking calmly and steadily. And if you need to stop, stop.”

Matt has had Parkinson’s for 43 years and was diagnosed when he was just 8. He isn’t shy about talking to people about how Parkinson’s affects him. He’s also developed some practical tips to help him walk around.

His top tips include:

  • engaging members of the public to help them understand Parkinson’s

  • using different sections of the pavement to help him take each step

  • focusing on breathing well

  • resting when needed

“Don’t be afraid to tell people. There’s nothing wrong with having Parkinson’s. You haven’t chosen to get it. If you make people more aware it makes them feel more at ease and it also makes you feel more at ease.”

Watch Matt's video to find out more.

Daily living equipment

Matt found a walking stick that works for him and his Parkinson’s.

Everyone’s Parkinson’s is different but there is lots of equipment that can help you get around day to day.