Slowness of movement

Slowness of movement is one of the main symptoms of Parkinson's, alongside tremor and rigidity (stiffness). Not everyone with Parkinson's will experience all of these symptoms.

The medical term for slowness of movement is bradykinesia.

Slowness of movement may mean that someone with Parkinson's:

  • walks with short, shuffling steps
  • finds it takes longer to do things
  • may have a lack of co-ordination

Some people with Parkinson's find physiotherapy helps to improve their symptoms. A physiotherapist can recommend exercises and techniques to help with your mobility.

Parkinson's drugs may help with slowness of movement.

Dexterity and Parkinson's

Parkinson's can make using your hands for small movements tricky. But what is dexterity and how can Parkinson's affect it?

Specialist physiotherapist Bhanu Ramaswamy tells us more and shares exercises that can help improve your dexterity. 

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