Staying active at home with Parkinson's: your toolkit

From chair-based aerobics to balance exercises, we’ve put together a range of video workouts to help you stay active at home when you have Parkinson’s.

How to use this toolkit

In each section you'll find different intensity video workouts. Choose which ones you'd like to try based on your level of ability. 

If your symptoms are mild, it's probably best to aim for the high-intensity section. If your symptoms are progressing, the mid-intensity section will likely be best suited to you. And if you have complex-symptoms, it's best to use the low intensity section.

Each instructor is a trained professional and the videos have been created specifically for people with Parkinson's. 

If you have any underlying health conditions such as heart problems, breathing problems, diabetes or joint problems, you should contact your GP before starting any new exercises.

Low-intensity exercises

These low-intensity exercises focus on manageable activities suitable for most abilities. These exercises aim to make your everyday movements a little easier and help manage symptoms. Using these exercises regularly should improve your everyday strength, posture, movement and balance.

Mid-intensity exercises

These mid-intensity exercises focus on pushing you a little, and are suitable for those with progressing symptoms. Using these exercises regularly should help improve your balance, movement and coordination.

High-intensity exercises 

These high-intensity exercises aim to challenge you physically. These exercises are best suited to people with mild symptoms. In this section, we have exercises that should help to improve your balance, coordination, mobility and flexibility.

From the experts

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