Parkinson's symptoms

There are over 40 symptoms of Parkinson’s. From a tremor or stiffness, to problems with sleep and mental health. Everyone’s experience is different.

What are the symptoms of Parkinson's?

Common symptoms of Parkinson’s include:

But not everyone gets these symptoms. People will have different experiences of how their condition changes or progresses. How Parkinson’s affects someone can change from day to day, and even from hour to hour.

You may hear Parkinson’s symptoms referred to as motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms. 

Motor symptoms affect your movement and balance. They include tremor, stiffness and slowness of movement. 

Non-motor symptoms affect you in other ways that may not be easily seen by other people. They include pain, sleep problems and mental health issues.

Early symptoms of Parkinson's

Are you concerned that you, or someone you know, may have Parkinson’s? It’s always best to talk to your GP first. They can refer you to a specialist if your symptoms need further investigation.

Tremors, muscle stiffness and slowness of movement are all common early symptoms of Parkinson's. But there are also other signs to be aware of. 

How will my Parkinson's symptoms progress?

Everyone's Parkinson’s experience is different, so it’s hard to predict how your symptoms may progress. It’s important to remember that you might not experience every symptom. 

The order they appear, and the way symptoms progress, also varies from person to person.


Parkinson's symptoms or medication side effects? 

Sometimes Parkinson’s medication can cause side effects which can be mistaken as Parkinson’s symptoms. If you experience any problems, you should talk to your Parkinson’s nurse or specialist about adjusting your medication.

How can I manage my Parkinson's symptoms?

Parkinson's is a complex condition with many potential symptoms. Your Parkinson's is unique to you. This means there are lots of things that can help you manage your symptoms and what works for you may not work for someone else. 

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Advanced symptoms

If your Parkinson's progresses you may experience advanced symptoms. It can be helpful to prepare for them so you can manage them more easily.