KiNDEO captures stories and memories to create a lasting record of your life and your family history.

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Looking for a way of storing positive and challenging milestones with Parkinson's? Why not get KiNDEO, strip out all the story ideas and prompts, and then record or type entries based on your condition.
Parkinson's UK tip

Sarah, diagnosed 2017

"KiNDEO is interesting as it aims to get people to record memories and stories, and to share them with family and friends too. It's very easy to use and the topic prompts are great – I don't think I would've thought of them myself if I had to recall memories and stories off the top of my head.

"I would recommend KiNDEO, particularly to people who are interested in writing diaries, and to those who have children and grandchildren who they don't see as often as they'd like."

Martha, diagnosed 2016

"KiNDEO appealed to me as I've written a diary since my twenties. I love that it's free. The email prompts and communications aren't overwhelming, and there are enough helpful prompts to encourage me to use it.

"I think the idea is great and I'd love to see stories from my family. I like that you can add little pieces at a time and switch between topics. It's very easy to add family members and share the stories. I love the idea of sharing family stories and think they're very important."

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Meet the developer

John Gilbey, Founder of KiNDEO

The idea for KiNDEO came from a timely meeting of minds. John Gilbey's father, who had Parkinson's and dementia, tried many times to record a few key stories about his life and the family information he knew. Seeing this, John set about exploring the best way to help other families record and save valuable heritage for their children and grandchildren.

Together with his co-founder, Seb Royce, he quickly realised the potential of technology to help families save their stories. Their aim has always been to make recording life stories and family history fun, collaborative and meaningful. They want to help people recognise the true value of their life experience and the positive effect sharing it can have.

KiNDEO (an amalgamation of kin, as in family, and video) is an easy to use autobiographical storytelling platform where people write stories, post photographs and record videos. Those stories are collated into the story of a person's life that is easily shared with invited family members via a secure website.

KiNDEO has a simple but ambitious mission: to help generations of families learn from one another and feel close.

Find out more on the KiNDEO website.

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Regulatory approval 100%
Privacy and confidentiality 90%
Security 70%
Effectiveness 80%
Clinical safety N/A
Usability 100%
Accessibility 100%
Interoperability N/A
Development  plan N/A
Technical stability 90%

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KiNDEO is a clean and simple platform to help you share your life stories with your family. The app does what is says on the tin. It appears to meet a social need and has a potential significant crossover with genealogy apps, of which there is an abundance.

  • Application: KiNDEO
  • Publisher: KiNDEO
  • Version: 2.5.8
  • Platform: iOS
  • Handset/Hardware: iPad
  • Assessment date: 05/06/2018