Data protection for volunteers

Volunteers may come into contact with personal data. It could be an email address, photograph or a person's name. We want to help you feel confident in identifying personal data, understanding confidentiality and how to raise any concerns about data.

Advanced data protection training

Some volunteers will handle information about people as part of their role. If you're unsure how this applies to you, please ask your staff contact. You'll be asked to refresh this training every few years to stay up to date with important data protection laws and legislation changes.

After this training, you can expect to feel more confident in how to manage, process and collect information about people that you may come into contact with.

Before completing this training you'll need a prior knowledge of data protection, which is included in your volunteer induction. Please complete your induction, before starting this advanced training.  

This training forms part of the support offered by Parkinson's UK, to help volunteers handle information appropriately. If you want further support, have questions about data protection or are unsure whether this training applies to your role please get in touch with your staff contact.

If you'd prefer to have written notes to read whilst watching, download the captions of this training video (Google doc).

You can also view the Google Slide deck.

Data protection: your questions answered

Our data protection briefing is an optional resource for volunteers who want to know more or have questions on:

  • collecting data
  • using and sharing data
  • rights and requests
  • data retention
  • data breaches
  • consent
  • security.