Partnering with Next to 'share the love'

Major British retail brand Next. Pioneering charity Parkinson’s UK. Teaming up to get Parkinson’s understood and raise vital funds to support people with the condition. Explore the partnership and buy the exclusive range.

Did you know that anyone can get Parkinson’s, young or old? Every hour, 2 more people in the UK are diagnosed. It's the fastest-growing neurological condition in the world. There is currently no cure. But we are determined to change that, together.

That’s why we’ve teamed up Next with a shared ambition to tackle misconceptions about Parkinson’s and raise money for the Parkinson’s community. 

Led by people with Parkinson's

Our partnership launched to mark World Parkinson’s Day 2021. Led by Next designer Genna Douglas, who has Parkinson’s, Next launched an exclusive range of T-shirts and tote bags. The range shared positive messages of diversity, inclusion and community. And one style sold out in 2 weeks!

Our second collaboration is designed by internationally-renowned artist Alex Echo, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2020. He has created bold, uplifting designs for an exclusive range of homewares and T-shirts. And 100% of the profits of the LOVE range go to Parkinson’s UK.

“The biggest love can be shown in the littlest ways.”

When Alex shared his diagnosis he found that those around him shared their love and compassion in return.

Alex’s story is all about overcoming adversity through creativity, community, and ultimately by reaching out and sharing the love:

"I relished in the kindness and compassion people showed me when I was diagnosed. I want to give that back. I want to share the love."

A video of artist Alex Echo talking about working with Next and Parkinson's UK

Raising awareness with good vibes

Alex says: "Positive, bright, happy, flamboyant colours lift people’s spirits. Let’s lead people to awareness with good vibes. With positive colours."

100% of profits from each collaboration are helping fund support for the Parkinson's community.

Promoting greater awareness, together

Parkinson’s has over 40 symptoms. Everyone’s experience is different. Tremor, insomnia. Seeing things that aren’t there. “Freezing” halfway across the road. 

Sometimes it’s visible, and sometimes it’s not.

Alongside the ranges, Next is also making a corporate donation, providing awareness training for employees, and encouraging them to make individual donations and learn more about Parkinson’s. 

Share the love. Support people with Parkinson’s.

Alex says: “I hope it raises money. I hope it raises awareness. But I also hope that some kid, laying on the sofa with that pillow under their head, feels the softness.” 

Shop our new collaboration with the artist Alex Echo. 100% of profits from this collection go to Parkinson’s UK.