Parkinson's in your workplace - Transport for London

We worked with Transport for London to test out our awareness session - Parkinson's in Your Workplace - with a group of their training staff.

Transport for London (TfL) is creating a new customer service training programme that focuses more on disability equality than ever before. Part of this will be about people with hidden disabilities, including Parkinson's.

Millions of us use public transport every day - rushing from one platform to the next, bustling through crowds in stations or standing on a packed bus.

It can be challenging for anyone, but for people with Parkinson's, using public transport can be extremely stressful.

Thinking about the challenges of Parkinson's

Richard Billington, TfL Skills Development Manager, delivered the session to the group.

It helped them think about the challenges people with Parkinson's can face on public transport, and how staff can help.

Richard commented: "I think it would be good to roll this out across the whole network so we can support colleagues who may have Parkinson's, as well as customers."

TfL staff members who took part in the session added:

  • "It made me realise there's a lot more to Parkinson's than I thought."
  • "The session helps ensure we make a conscious effort not to prematurely judge any customer coming through, and to take the time to find out if they're OK. That person might have a disability that I don't know about."

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