Parkinson's in your workplace - OCS at Gatwick Airport

Airports and flights can be stressful for people with Parkinson's - whether it's fear of freezing at security, movement difficulties boarding or taking a seat on a flight to dealing with misconceptions of staff and other travellers.

OCS Group - the facilities management company at Gatwick and other UK airports - has rolled out Parkinson's in Your Workplace as part of its own staff training programme.

The session complements their existing support scheme for everyone with hidden disabilities. This includes a bespoke lanyard for passengers with conditions that are not always visible or obvious. It enables travellers to discreetly identify themselves to staff to ensure tailored help and support can be offered throughout their journey.

Mark Kemsley, OCS Assisted Travel Trainer said:

"People with Parkinson's can make use of this service to make their journey through the airport easier."

How the Parkinson's session is making an impact

Mark also said:

"We have found the Parkinson's in Your Workplace for Airports/Airlines training really beneficial. It enabled us to deliver a short but comprehensive Parkinson's awareness session to our staff, whose duties are to assist passengers with visible and hidden disabilities at Gatwick Airport.

"A journey through an airport can be stressful for anyone, but our staff are now aware of people with Parkinson's and their symptoms."


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