Make disability benefits fairer

People with Parkinson's rely on financial support to stay independent and in control. We're campaigning to make sure the system is fair.

Disability benefit reviews and reassessments are suspended. This temporary measure is to ensure that benefits continue during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

To find out more, visit the GOV.UK website.

Don't leave disabled people behind

People claiming Universal Credit have been given £20 a week extra to deal with the coronavirus crisis. But people claiming the older style Employment and Support Allowance have been left out. This must change. 

Disabled people are experiencing additional costs and risks as a result of COVID-19, but are without the extra support they need to manage these.

People are having to choose between heating their home, or paying for a taxi to travel because public transport is unsafe.

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Janet's story

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We campaign to help people like Janet, who has Parkinson's and relies on her specially built car to help her get around.

When her mobility allowance was stopped, she thought she might lose her car.

We're fighting to stop cuts like these.

Hear about Janet's experience in our short video.

People on disability benefits are losing out

We worked together with the Disability Benefits Consortium to look at the cumulative impact of the changes made to disability benefits. 

We're deeply concerned to see how the safety net for disabled people has been eroded. Too many people with Parkinson's are finding themselves left without adequate financial support.

This is why we're campaigning for a fairer disability benefits system. From Universal Credit to Personal Independence Payment. We want to see a system that is fairer, less complicated and gives people the support they need.

What we believe

There are a variety of benefits that people may be entitled to when they have Parkinson's or care for someone with the condition. That can vary according to whether you're working or retired. 

We want to see a system that enables people with Parkinson's to maintain their wellbeing and independence. That's whether you're receiving Personal Independence Payments (PIP), Attendance Allowance or Universal Credit.

We're campaigning for the government to ensure:

  • Assessments for benefits are conducted sensitively and by assessors who understand Parkinson's, so that people get the right support first time.

  • That the 20 metre rule for PIP is scrapped, so more people with Parkinson's who have mobility problems can qualify for essential support.

  • The government should revise the Employment and Support Allowance assessment, to make sure it fully captures the impact of Parkinson's on a person's ability to work.

  • Make sure that Universal Credit works for disabled people. We want to see a disability element added to Universal Credit, the right to appeal against a claimant commitment, a specialist disabled claim line and proper disability awareness training for DWP staff.  

  • To reduce waiting times for benefit appeals 

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