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Our priority research areas for improving everyday life

Members with hands in the air at our research conference in York in November 2014
Our number 1 priority is to develop better treatments and a cure for Parkinson's, and that is what the majority of our research is working towards.

The Top 10 enables us to focus on clinical questions that will be of most benefit to people with Parkinson's and their families.

Caroline Rick, Neurosciences Team Leader

But finding a cure will take time so we also champion research to improve quality of life for people with the condition and their families.

To help researchers focus on the most important issues, we asked people affected by Parkinson's, carers and health and social care professionals to come up with priority areas for improving everyday life with Parkinson's.

The findings were published in December 2014 in The British Medical Journal: read the full open access paper.

How are we addressing the top priority areas?

Here at Parkinson's UK, everything we do is driven by people affected by Parkinson's and we are committed to supporting research into these priority areas to improve everyday life for people affected by the condition.

Our 2016 Unmet needs report looked at how well we’ve been supporting research projects in the top 26 priority areas so far.

Here's what we found:

  • In 2015-2016 we funded 8 research projects worth more than £6 million.
  • We've helped to recruit participants to 31 research projects within the priority areas.
  • We've supported researchers to involve people affected by Parkinson's in 20 research studies.

Find out more about our progress so far in our Unmet needs report (PDF, 6MB)

Can you help?

It is vital that these priority areas are used to inform, guide and drive future Parkinson's research. And there’s still more work to do to make sure we are supporting research in all of the top 26 priority areas.

Here are some ways you can help us address them:

  • Apply for funding from Parkinson's UK. We have a range of research grants that offer support for Parkinson's research projects of all shapes and sizes.
  • Hold a Parkinson's UK 'research workshop'. Our workshops offer support of up to £3,000 to UK researchers to set up meetings to tackle important challenges in Parkinson's research.
  • Apply for funding from another organisation. We'd love to support your application. Find out more here.

If you're interested in this area of our work we'd love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected]