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Ditch disability benefits cuts

Parkinson's UK Protest at Houses of Parliament on budget day to save ESA

People with Parkinson's rely on financial support to stay independent and in control.

We're campaigning to stop harmful disability benefits cuts and changes from impacting people with Parkinson's.

Fighting for a fairer assessment system

We're delighted that the Government has announced that there are no further plans to make welfare savings in this parliament.

This is a fantastic success due in part to our campaigning, alongside other charities.

However, we will continue to campaign for a fairer assessment system for disability benefits that really understands Parkinson's. And to ensure that future changes to the benefits system do not negatively impact people with the condition, or their carers.

Help us campaign, tell us about your experience

From April 2017, people with Parkinson's and other conditions who qualify for the 'back-to-work' group for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will receive only £73.10 per week. This is a fall of £1,500 a year compared to people who qualified before the change.

We're concerned about the impact this will have on people with the condition who are placed in the group, despite the fact that their Parkinson's won't improve.

If you've been placed into this group, or are thinking of applying for disability benefits, why not complete our disability benefits diary? It's designed to help you explain how life on disability benefits is affecting you day-to-day, but can also be used to help you apply for support.

Disability benefits Diary (PDF, 408KB)

Disability benefits Diary Guidance Document (Word, 58KB)

If you want to tell us your story, you can send your diary to [email protected] - this will help give us the evidence we need to challenge changes to ESA.

Take our survey and help us improve the benefits system

We know the disability benefits system doesn't work for people with Parkinson's, but we need evidence to help change things for the better. Parkinson's UK co-chairs the Disability Benefits Consortium, a coalition of over 80 charities campaigning for a fair benefits system.

Together, we've launched the anonymous Big Benefits Survey, which asks about your experiences of applying for Personal Independence Payment, Employment and Support Allowance and Attendance Allowance. You can take the Big Benefits survey here:

Take the survey