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Ditch disability benefits cuts

Parkinson's UK Protest at Houses of Parliament on budget day to save ESA

People with Parkinson's rely on financial support to stay independent and in control.

We're campaigning to stop harmful disability benefits cuts and changes from impacting people with Parkinson's.

Keeping an eye on Attendance Allowance

The government has set out proposals to give responsibility for providing Attendance Allowance to local councils in England. In future, local councils will have to fund Attendance Allowance themselves.

Attendance Allowance is the disability benefit for older people, aged 65 or above.

It's used to help pay for things like taxis to hospital appointments and home help, and avoids or delays the need for people to access social care.

Attendance Allowance benefits around 36,000 people with Parkinson's.

These people's benefits will be protected, but in the future each local authority may provide a different level of support to new applicants.

Some local councils may not be able to afford Attendance Allowance, meaning that in some areas people with Parkinson's won't be able to access the same benefit as people in other parts of the country.

We need your help to speak to councils about the value of Attendance Allowance and the potential consequences of this change.

Contact your council

Fighting for a fairer assessment system

In March 2016 the new Work and Pensions secretary, Stephen Crabb, announced that there were no further plans to make welfare savings in this parliament.

This is a fantastic success due in part to our campaigning, alongside other charities.

However, we will continue to campaign for a fairer assessment system for disability benefits that really understands Parkinson's. And ensure that future changes to the benefits system do not negatively impact people with the condition, or their carers.

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