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Clinical trial to test GDNF in Parkinson's

Clinical trial to test GDNF in Parkinson's

Can Parkinson's be slowed with GDNF treatment video

We're supporting a groundbreaking clinical trial of an experimental treatment for Parkinson's.

Neurologist Alan Whone and his team are testing whether GDNF can slow down Parkinson's.

Watch the video and see below to learn more.

About GDNF

What is GDNF?

Drawing of brain cells

Find out more about this groundbreaking study, how the trial took place, and how we hope it will work.

GDNF trial - results on the way

Brain scans

The groundbreaking clinical trial of GDNF is now complete. Analysis of the results is now underway and is expected to be published in summer 2017.

Time for a new treatment

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Questions about GDNF?

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