Virtual consultations

We believe people with Parkinson’s should be able to choose how they engage with their health appointments.

What we believe

People with Parkinson’s should be provided with high-quality health care from diagnosis to the end of their life. They should be able to choose how they engage with their health appointments, whether that is in person, via telephone or via video and they should be allowed to bring someone with them to support them in the consultation.

If a health professional would prefer to see someone face to face when a person’s preference is for a telephone or video consultation, this should be decided through a discussion between the person and their health professional.

Why we believe this

Parkinson’s is a complex, progressive condition that is different for everyone. And people living with the condition need ongoing long-term multidisciplinary care that flexes to meet their needs as it progresses.

What's the evidence?

Through surveys and interviews with the Parkinson's community, we found that overall people with the condition favoured a mixed approach of virtual and in-person consultations. The most popular suggestion was an in-person consultation every 12 to 18 months, followed up with phone or video consultations at more frequent intervals.

People with Parkinson’s shared their concerns that virtual consultations were not as effective at addressing their progressing movement-related symptoms or dealing with their medication needs.

Full policy statement on virtual consultations

This policy statement has been developed with advice and guidance from people with Parkinson's, the people who love and care for them, health and social care professionals and other experts. You can find more details in the full policy document below.

Read the full Parkinson's UK policy statement on virtual consultations.