Use tissue from the Parkinson's UK Brain Bank

The Parkinson's UK Brain Bank provides tissue to researchers in the UK and around the world who are working towards a cure for Parkinson's.

The Parkinson's UK Brain Bank is the UK's largest brain bank dedicated to Parkinson's, and is based at Imperial College London.

We collect the brain, spinal cord and a sample of cerebrospinal fluid from people with and without Parkinson's after death.

The Parkinson's UK Brain Bank is currently supporting more than 100 research projects. And we have more than 6,000 registered potential donors.

It's vital that we study the whole brain from people with and without the condition, as well as investigating what's happening inside individual nerve cells.

Animal models can help us study certain aspects but they cannot recreate the complex changes that gradually spread throughout the Parkinson's brain.

Our tissue is:

  • high quality - we collect most tissue within 24 hours of death
  • fast - we aim to supply tissue within 4 weeks
  • neuropathologically diagnosed - according to the latest criteria

And we can also:

  • issue ethical approval for projects that fit our research criteria - saving you time
  • provide tissue suitable for all modern research techniques - including snap frozen and fixed samples
  • offer expertise and training to researchers working with human tissue
  • provide information about our donors including clinical notes and detailed information about symptoms, medical history, lifestyle and medications

Requesting tissue is easy. Just fill in a brain bank tissue request form and send it to the tissue bank manager, Dr George Gveric at [email protected].

Your request will be reviewed by our management board and a decision made within 3 weeks.

As a National Research Ethics Service (NRES)-approved research tissue bank, we can grant ethical approval for peer-reviewed projects.

This means you won't need to gain separate ethical approval to use tissue we supply.

Pledge your brain for Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. Every hour, two more people are diagnosed. But together, we can find a cure – thanks to the power of our brains.

Support groundbreaking research

You can help groundbreaking research where the results won't just be seen in the lab. They'll be seen in life changing breakthroughs for people with Parkinson's.