Research Conference 2018

The Parkinson's UK Research Conference is held every 2 years and brings Parkinson's researchers together to share ideas and develop collaborations.

This year's conference will be held at the Principal York Hotel on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 November, 2018.


We are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker will be Professor John Hardy, Professor of Neuroscience, University College London who will speak on "Genetic dissection of Parkinson’s". 

    Monday 12 November

    10am Registration
    11am Welcome to the 2018 Conference
    Dr Arthur Roach, Director of Research, Parkinson's UK
    11.10am Variable selection using machine-learning to identify new signatures of patient-derived aggregated α-synuclein-induced neurodegeneration in non-human primates
    Dr Benjamin Dehay, Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Bordeaux
    11.30am Alpha synuclein auto-antibodies as a bio-marker in Parkinson's
    Dr Rizwan Akhtar, Centre for Neurodegeneration Research, University of Pennsylvania

    Anti-alpha synuclein active immunotherapy in Parkinson’s
    Dr Hui Jing YU, United Neuroscience


    Quick fire platform presentation: A novel role for SENP3 in iron chelation-induced mitophagy for the treatment of Parkinson’s
    Emily Waters, University of Sheffield


    Quick fire platform presentation: Automated measures from neuromelanin-sensitive MRI reveal signs of neurodegeneration in Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behaviour Disorder
    Ludovica Griffanti, University of Oxford

    12.20pm Lunch
    Event Centre Foyer & Oak Room
    1.20pm Mitochondrial signalling and dysfunction in the nervous system
    Dr Joseph Bateman, King's College London

    Crosstalk between mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum in models of Parkinson’s 
    Dr Miguel Martins, University of Cambridge

    2pm Nuclear-mitochondrial crosstalk in Parkinson’s
    Dr Charalampos (Haris) Tzoulis, University of Bergen


    Alpha synuclein and mitochondria: partners in crime?
    Dr Sonia Gandhi, Department of Motor Neuroscience and Movement Disorders, UCL
    2.40pm Platform presentation: Dopamine pre- and post-synaptic signalling in a LRRK2 transgenic rodent model of Parkinson's using 18F-Levodpa and 18F-Fallypride PET imaging
    Teresa Delgado-Goni, Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre, University of Oxford
    1.20pm Artificial intelligence pathways for drug discovery
    Jaime Domingues, BenevolentAI
    1.40pm The story of rucaparib (rubraca)
    Professor Bernard Golding, Newcastle University
    2.05pm Speaker to be announced
    2.25pm Funding models
    Dr Ruth McKernan CBE, The Dementia Discovery Fund
    2.45pm The Parkinson's UK Virtual Biotech
    Dr Arthur Roach, Director of Research, Parkinson's UK
    2.50pm Poster presentations, refreshments and networking
    Oak and Minster Rooms
    3.20pm Tackling falls in Parkinson's: the when and the how
    Professor Lynn Rochester, Newcastle University

    A reflection on the management of a trial of speech and language therapy: PD COMM
    Professor Catherine Sackley, King's College London & Dr Cally Rick, University of Birmingham

    4.20pm Panel: Presenting the Parkinson's Exercise Framework
    Dr Bhanu Ramaswamy OBE and the Parkinson's UK Exercise Framework panel
    3.20pm An introduction to Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)
    Dr Natasha Ratcliffe, Research Involvement Manager, Parkinson's UK
    3.45pm Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) case studies and interactive planning session
    Speaker to be announced
    4.15pm Panel session and Q&A
    Speakers to be announced
    4.45pm Summary and close
    Dr Natasha Ratcliffe, Research Involvement Manager, Parkinson's UK

    Genetic dissection of Parkinson’s 
    Professor John Hardy, University College London

    6.30pm Poster presentations, drinks reception and networking
    Oak and Minster Rooms
    7pm Poster presentations, drinks reception and networking
    Oak and Minster Rooms
    7.45pm Gala dinner
    Event Centre

    Tuesday 13 November

    9am Welcome refreshments
    Events Centre Foyer and Oak Room
    9.30am Early diagnostics/prediction of disease onset
    Professor Anette Schrag, University College London
    9.50am Stratifying people for trial entry
    Dr Caroline Williams-Gray, University of Cambridge
    10.10am Is stratification based on clinical presentation realistic? 
    Professor Michele Hu, Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre
    10.30am Platform presentation: Co-creation of guidance and quality criteria for patient engagement in the development of clinical interventions - An international multi-stakeholder initiative 
    Katherine Deane, University of East Anglia

    In vivo molecular bio-markers to track Parkinson's: current and emerging concepts
    Professor Marios Politis, King's College London


    MR imaging of the substantia nigra: innovative biomarkers to improve diagnosis and monitor disease progression in Parkinson’s
    Professor Dorothee Auer, University of Nottingham


    Imaging in Parkinson's: A tool to target patients and people at risk for Parkinson's
    Dr Kenneth Marek, Yale University

    12.10pm MR imaging of animal models in the context of neurodegenerative disease 
    Dr Ian Harrison, Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, UCL
    12.30pm Platform presentation: Validating alpha synuclein RT-QuIC seeding assay as quantitative biomarker for Parkinson’s 
    Dr Laura Parkkinen, Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre

    Developing a human pluripotent-based dopamine neuron replacement therapy for Parkinson's 
    Dr Lorenz Studer, Center for Stem Cell Biology, Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    1.25pm Conference closing statement
    1.40pm Lunch (optional)


    The event is now SOLD OUT, however you can join the waiting list on our registration page here.

    All tickets include:

    • entrance to the conference 
    • gala dinner and drinks reception
    • accommodation (including breakfast) on Monday 12 November
    • lunch and refreshments throughout 

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    registration (Tuesday 17 July - Monday 5 November)

    • Student - £120
    • Researcher/healthcare professional - £305.50
    • Commercial organisation - £435


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