Have your say on research

People with Parkinson's are the real experts on the condition - we make sure their voices are heard in research.

Shaping research

We bring together people affected by Parkinson's and researchers to develop and plan research projects.

Giving people with Parkinson's a voice in research leads to higher quality, more relevant research, which is more likely to make a difference.

How can I help?

People affected by Parkinson's - including partners, family members and friends - can play a crucial role in helping researchers in lots of ways, including with:

  • planning and prioritising what areas to focus on in projects
  • communicating research in simple terms
  • highlighting practical issues that could stop people taking part in research
  • seeing the bigger picture of what it's like to live with Parkinson's
  • giving new ideas or insights

How do I get involved?

We've got lots of opportunities to make your voice heard - and make a crucial difference to Parkinson's research - right across the UK

Let us know you're interested in being a patient and public involvement volunteer and we'll send you more details.

Email the team
Involvement Meeting Nov 15 Dr Grosset held a Patient and Public Involvement meeting with 11 people affected by Parkinson’s to gather their input into the next stage of his Tracking Parkinson’s study. The meeting was held in the Parkinson’s UK office in London on 19th November.

How volunteers have shaped research

Parkinson's UK local adviser with client

Other volunteering opportunities

We have many other research-related volunteering opportunities too, including helping us decide what grants to fund and championing research.

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