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People with Parkinson’s desperately need new and better treatments. New therapies that can slow, stop or reverse the progression of the condition, and treatments that can better manage symptoms and reduce side effects. 

However, despite decades of research and scientific discoveries, new treatments remain just out of reach. 

We believe new and better treatments for Parkinson’s are possible, but there is simply not enough focus or investment in turning exciting discoveries into new therapies.

That’s where the Virtual Biotech comes in. We designed the programme to bridge this gap and help take promising ideas for new therapies forward.

Explore our projects

We're investing in a wide range of projects pursuing treatments with the potential to make a life-changing impact for people living with Parkinson’s.

These include pioneering projects developing new drugs in the lab, alongside groundbreaking clinical trials which are testing promising new treatments in people with Parkinson's.

Find out more about 3 of our most exciting projects below.

How does the Parkinson's Virtual Biotech work?

We carefully select the projects with the greatest potential to transform life for people with Parkinson’s. We invest in rapidly testing and developing them. 

We act as investors, with the experts and resources to actively monitor and manage each project. We understand the drug development business and are driven by results. But because it’s driven by people with Parkinson’s, not by profits, we’ll invest where others won’t.

Unlike a traditional biotech, our agile approach means that none of our funding is tied up in bricks or people. We have no large teams of scientists or expensive labs to run.

Instead, we partner with institutions and pharmaceutical companies that already have the expertise, tools and infrastructure. We’re not bound by location, or limited to backing research we’ve already funded. We invest in the best ideas and work with the top experts, wherever they are.