Signposting from diagnosis

It's important that people who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's, and their family and friends, know how to access the right information and support.

We've worked with people who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's to develop a range of resources. They will help you to signpost people to the right information and support at the point of diagnosis.

Refer your patients to Parkinson’s Connect

Parkinson’s Connect is a free, comprehensive new support service for your Parkinson’s patients. It brings together everything they, and their loved ones, need to live better with Parkinson’s.
We’ve co-designed the service with over 300 patients, their families and healthcare professionals to make sure it works for everyone. And we’ll keep developing it based on feedback from the people using it. 
You can refer anyone impacted by a recent Parkinson’s diagnosis. We’ll reach out proactively, and securely, to connect them to high quality support. 

Start referring your patients to Parkinson’s Connect

In one step, you can refer your Parkinson’s patients directly into a whole network of support.

Reasons to signpost to Parkinson's UK

People with Parkinson's tell us that having the right information at the right time helps them take control of life with the condition, but some clinicians have told us they feel apprehensive about signposting someone to Parkinson's UK at the point of diagnosis.

The following information provides answers to questions clinicians have posed and highlights the benefits of signposting people to Parkinson's UK at diagnosis.

Parkinson's UK is for everyone. Whether someone is newly diagnosed, have lived with the condition for many years or is a family member, friend or carer.

A Parkinson's diagnosis affects people differently and symptoms vary from patient to patient. We have information and support available for everyone.

We have worked with newly diagnosed people of all ages to develop relevant and appropriate information and support for them, their families and carers. This includes:

A Parkinson's diagnosis affects everyone differently.

Some people go through a range of emotions and may feel shocked, overwhelmed and worried about how to cope. Others feel relieved to know what's going on.

But everyone can benefit from having the right information and support at this crucial time.

Information and support from Parkinson's UK helps people manage the condition and carry on with their day-to-day lives.

We offer support online, on the phone, in print or in person. Whether they want information about Parkinson's, an answer to a question or to talk to someone about how they're feeling. No question is too big or small.

Professionals like you review all of our information to make sure it follows UK clinical best practice.

Our information production processes mean that our content:

  • is clear, accessible and for everyone affected by Parkinson's
  • helps people with Parkinson's make informed decisions about how they manage their condition
  • is up to date and evidence based thanks to regular reviews and updates.
  • We can help your patients connect with other people with Parkinson's for support.
  • We know that people with Parkinson's are keen to help find better treatments and a cure,even when they’re newly diagnosed. That’s why we've developed our Take Part Hub to help people find research in their area that’s right for them.
"To be in control you need to have lots of information and know the options."