Lindop Parkinson's Physiotherapy Assessment Scale (LPAS)

The LPAS is a validated, physiotherapy-specific function measurement tool for use by a physiotherapist to assess the gait and bed mobility of people with Parkinson's.

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The gait section includes 6 tasks which are scored out of a total of 18 (with the higher the score, the better the function), and the bed section comprising 4 tasks and measured out of a total of 12.

Physiotherapists can use it to take a baseline measurement and to assess the effects of intervention.

The scale can also be useful in highlighting progression of the condition.

The tool takes about 15 minutes to complete in total, but each section can be used separately (Pearson M, Lindop F et al 2009).

You can download the scale and guidelines on using it below.

Download the LPAS and guidelines

Lindop Parkinson's assessment scale (PDF, 60KB)

Lindop Parkinson's assessment scale guidelines (Word, 36KB)