Parkinson's Excellence Network

The Excellence Network is here to help health and social care professionals provide better support for people with Parkinson's, every day.

Join us to access resources, increase your knowledge of Parkinson's and collaborate with the Parkinson's community to transform health and care services.

Excellence Network funding opportunities

Are you a health or social care professional or student looking for financial support for an educational course? Or perhaps you’re a UK health and social care service looking for funds for a new clinical post or a service improvement project? The Excellence Network has grant opportunities to suit you.

Discover our national priority programmes

The Excellence Network oversees 4 national programmes of work, based on service improvement priorities identified by the UK Parkinson’s Audit. Read on to find out more about these ambitious multi year programmes.

Refer your patients to Parkinson’s Connect

Parkinson’s Connect is a free, comprehensive new support service for your Parkinson’s patients. In one step, you can refer your Parkinson’s patients directly into a whole network of support.

We welcome new Directors!

We've made 3 new senior appointments to our Clinical Leadership Team. Read on to find out more about the new directors and what they have in store for the Excellence Network.

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