Parkinson's: occupational therapy - strategies for managing fatigue and apathy in Parkinson's (Excellence Network)

An online course examining the causes, signs and symptoms of fatigue and apathy in Parkinson's, and strategies to manage and reduce their impact for health, social and care professionals.

3 hours (2 hours content, 1 hour webinar
Event / learning type
Continuing professional development

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, nurses, pharmacists (and pharmacy assistant staff) that are working with people with Parkinson’s.

What will participants learn?

The course focuses on the following areas:

  • the causes of fatigue and apathy in Parkinson’s
  • the sign and symptoms of fatigue and apathy
  • the impacts of fatigue and apathy on function
  • identifying strategies to manage an optimum daily routine and reduce the impacts of fatigue and apathy

How does it work?

This course will give you access to multimedia resources about occupational therapy, fatigue and apathy in Parkinson’s. You'll be able to read, watch and listen to multimedia and interactive resources. You'll then attend an optional webinar (or watch it recorded) to discuss what you have learnt, the challenges and solutions. You'll then take an assessment (multiple choice quiz) to demonstrate what you've learnt.

You can log in at any time to this self-directed learning to work through the course and assessment at a pace that suits you. A certificate and digital badge are available to download once you have passed the quiz. The course, webinar and assessment should take a minimum of 3 hours to complete. The 3 hours are split between the initial discussion presentations, the additional learning/resources and the webinar. Each of these takes approximately 1 hour. If you fully engage with all the supporting resources and guidance it will take longer.