Insight into Parkinson's 2022: Living brave with Parkinson's

The Insight Into Parkinson's conference is an innovative online event which aims to inform, inspire and unite the Parkinson's community.

Free for 30 days (See conference website for details of how to purchase continued access).
3 days
Event / learning type

INSIGHT 2022, Living Brave with Parkinson's, offers an opportunity for people living with Parkinson’s, as well as their loved ones and associated health professionals, to hear from world leading experts, academics, specialists, clinicians and other people living with Parkinson’s in a convenient and accessible online platform.

With content being repeated twice in the 72 hours after the live event, delegates can watch the presentations, re-visit them in their own time, and join the online conversation. Paid upgrades are available for 30 days' access to the content, and for a third day on 13 April, dedicated to health professionals working with people with Parkinson’s.

The programme

Featuring over 40 leading experts, as well as new interactive sessions. Sessions will cover the following topics:

  • research updates
  • movement
  • medication
  • mental health and mojo
  • nutrition and health
  • freezing of gait

PD Warrior: the organisers

INSIGHT is organised and hosted by PD Warrior, a team of health professionals and passionate individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with Parkinson’s all over the world.

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