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Find out about the results of our 2016 research into the needs of our volunteers, and the opportunities and challenges they face - and look out for the 2017 volunteer survey!

Parkinson's UK is committed to creating a volunteering community that feels inspired, listened to and united in the goal of bringing forward the day when no one fears Parkinson's.

In 2016 many of you were part of a research project with YouGov, telling us why you volunteer and about your volunteering experiences.

The project included an online focus group, phone discussions and our annual volunteer survey.

The insights we got were invaluable and shone a spotlight on the needs of our volunteers, and the opportunities and challenges they face.

What you told us

Here are some highlights of what you told us in 2016 - ahead of this year's volunteering survey invite, coming soon!

  • Our volunteers are phenomenally committed to the cause. Raising awareness, raising funds and improving services (and access to services) were the top 3 reasons cited to volunteer.
  • Many of you told us you'd experienced the highs and lows of diagnosis, taken the step to access information and support from Parkinson's UK, and in time, decided to give back to the charity and the Parkinson's community through volunteering.
  • How people want to volunteer is increasingly different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and many of you are keen on flexibility and collaboration in how roles are created and sustained.
  • Time off between one volunteering role and another is important to many of you so you can stay fresh and motivated.
  • Hearing about what other volunteers are doing and how they're giving time is very important to lots of you. You've asked for more awareness of and connections to other volunteers and their achievements from around the UK.

New survey coming in June

The volunteering team are reviewing the research and taking action already. But we don't want to be complacent!

On 19 June 2017 we'll be inviting volunteers via email to take part in the 2017 volunteer survey.

We want to hear from as many volunteers as possible, whatever your role or time commitment, and wherever you're based.

Your voice matters if we're going to make volunteering the best it can be for everyone at Parkinson's UK.

Look out for the survey!

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