Gary Berry who lives with Parkinson's and his father Ernest and daughter Amy at the 2017 Parkinson's UK Parliamentary reception

Talking Parkinson's to politicians


On Tuesday 5 December, Parkinson's UK held a reception for MPs and Peers to mark 200 years since the first medical report of the condition.    

The event focused on our current priorities to help people with Parkinson's take control of their condition, work towards getting better treatments and a cure faster, and ensure access to quality services as standard.   

Over 40 politicians from across the UK heard examples of how we're taking action to progress these.

We discussed creating and sharing best practice through the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network of professionals, our new approach to exercise, and launching our pioneering virtual biotech initiative.

Guests also heard from people with Parkinson's and staff about the reality of living with the condition, and what action they can take to improve the day to day lives of those affected by Parkinson's. 

Views on how the reception went

Gerry from Glasgow, commenting on the reception, said:

"It's really worthwhile to speak to MPs about Parkinson's as I wouldn't usually get the opportunity. Many of the MPs today were sympathetic about Personal Independence Payments and it was great to hear the All Party Parliamentary Group on Parkinson's has been going almost 10 years and achieved so much."

Gordon from County Armargh added:

"It's encouraging that we were able to raise awareness of the condition at the heart of government. There seemed to be a real willingness to learn more about what politicians could do to help improve lives for people with Parkinson's."

Gary from Surrey reported:

"Being open about having Parkinson's and being able to talk about it with the politicians today has been a big step forward for me. It's helped me heal and come to terms with my own condition."

Steve Ford, Parkinson’s UK Chief Executive, commented:

"Today was a fantastic opportunity to get Parkinson's on the agenda with MPs and peers. It's exciting to share our achievements and ambitions, but also highlight what they can do to support our work in the future.

"We're thankful to Baroness Gale for hosting the event and are delighted that more MPs and peers have agreed to join us in the fight to ensure that we bring forward the day when no one fears Parkinson's."

Next steps

We plan to follow up with everyone that attended today and continue to involve them in our work.