Out now: latest Parkinson's research magazine

The spring 2016 issue of Progress, our free research magazine, is out now.

The spring 2016 issue of Progress, our free research magazine, is out now.

We aim to keep our supporters updated on the latest developments in our research as well as the Parkinson's research taking place across the globe.

Unlocking new and better treatments

In recent years, a number of promising treatments for Parkinson's have failed to show benefits in clinical trials. But is this because the treatments don't work or due to the way the trials are designed?

In this issue we take a look at what clinical trials are and how, with our new Critical Path for Parkinson's project, we’re aiming to improving them. If successful, Critical Path for Parkinson's will mean more effective clinical trials, and ultimately help us achieve our mission: to deliver new and better treatments in years, not decades.

Also in this issue:

  • Complementary therapies – what's the evidence? From massage to mindfulness, we look at the research behind complementary therapies.
  • Exercise and Parkinson's. We investigate the benefits of exercise with tips from research supporter, Lionel.
  • The power of placebo. How can belief that a treatment will work make you feel better?
  • Journey of a brain donated to Parkinson's research. We find out how brain tissue goes from our bodies to a researcher's laboratory bench.

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