New toolkit to improve Parkinson's care in England

People with Parkinson's in England could soon benefit from a new toolkit to help health professionals improve diagnosis and care, developed by NHS England and charities including Parkinson's UK.

The NHS RightCare Progressive Neurological Conditions Toolkit includes key activities and ideas for shaping healthcare services. Health professionals and commissioners can use these to improve diagnosis and coordination of care for people with progressive neurological conditions. 

The toolkit also highlights the need to better support people to understand and manage their symptoms at home, and to take a more informed and active role in making decisions about their treatment.

We believe these changes could result in fewer emergency hospital admissions and a better overall experience for people living with Parkinson's. 

Health professionals from the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network joined forces with the MS Society, MS Trust, MND Association, Sue Ryder, MSA Trust and the PSP Association to develop the toolkit.

What this means for people with Parkinson's

The toolkit outlines ways Parkinson's specialists can work together to provide joined-up care, offer better mental health support, have more proactive conversations about future care planning, and better signpost to Parkinson's UK's services.

The new toolkit will be shared widely across the NHS in England. 

Laura Cockram, Head of Policy and Campaigns for Parkinson's UK, commented: "Neurology and Parkinson's are often forgotten areas of the NHS.

"People with Parkinson's deserve the highest quality care and we know professionals working in Parkinson's try to deliver this. This toolkit gives all health professionals key activities they can undertake to improve care for people with Parkinson's, MS and motor neurone disease.

"We will continue to work with the charities and the NHS in England to ensure the toolkit is being used to drive up the standard of care people receive."

Healthcare professionals and commissioners can download the toolkit below, and learn more about service improvement through the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network.    

Download the full NHS RightCare Progressive Neurological Conditions Toolkit

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