Madopar supply issues

Due to the recent supply issues with Sinemet (branded co-careldopa and made by Merck Sharp & Dohme), we've been made aware that some people are now having difficulties getting hold of Madopar (branded co- beneldopa and manufactured  by Roche) – another medicine that contains levodopa.

We've contacted Roche, who've said that demand for Madopar has been higher recently. They do have stock, but they're closely managing the distribution of it to cope with demand.

A statement from Roche says:

"We are taking action to manage stock and supply of all Madopar presentations as carefully as possible to minimise out of stock situations and disruption to patients.

"We have been working very closely with both the Department of Health and Social Care and the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority to manage this situation. 

"Currently pharmacies should be able to secure supply of Madopar for normal patient demand. If pharmacies are not able to obtain supply of the affected presentation from their wholesaler, they should contact Roche Customer Care on 0800 731 5711 to check on stock availability for emergency supply, or refer the patient to their prescribing doctor to have their prescription changed to an available presentation."

Roche have also stressed that they're not the only manufacturer of co-beneldopa, and pharmacists should be able to advise people with Parkinson's and health professionals on other available alternatives.

Sinemet availability

In September we reported on a shortage of Sinemet. Read the latest update on its availability.