Jennifer is walking 90 miles in memory of her gran

Jennifer Dyer, 27, from Croftfoot, is walking 90 miles to fundraise for Parkinson's UK, in memory of her gran

Jennifer will take on the challenge over the month of April to celebrate the life of her late gran, Mary Kelly who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 10 years ago before she sadly died in 2019 at the age of 87.

Mary would have celebrated her 90th birthday on April 4 and granddaughter Jennifer is marking the occasion by walking 90 miles throughout the month.

Jennifer set out with a target of £200 but has raised almost £400 in donations and hopes to smash that barrier.

Jennifer said: “I'm fundraising in memory of my gran who sadly passed away in January 2019.

"She was diagnosed with Parkinson's just before her 80th birthday and for a long time she was in denial. She was a very independent woman, she just didn't want people to know that she had an illness. 

"But she did really well with it, she fought it for a good five years before it started to deteriorate. 

"She then had to move on to using walking aids before she moved into sheltered accommodation and it just unravelled from there.

"She did end up in a home where she needed constant 24 hour care which was obviously really difficult to see and in the last two years of her life the dementia kicked in. It was really sad because I was always really close to my gran growing up. She had 11 grandkids and she just had time for everyone. She was just great, everyone who knew her absolutely adored her.

"She was so independent; she used to have a weekly routine. On a Monday, she would go to line dancing. On a Tuesday, she would be at Thai Chi. She was always really active and fit and healthy, so seeing her going from that woman to being bed bound and having to be lifted was really, really hard.

"When she passed away I made a promise to myself that I wanted to do as much fundraising as possible to raise awareness of Parkinson's.

"It might come to me at some point and if that is the case then I hope that by that point there is further funding in place and more awareness of the condition.

"This is my third fundraising event. I did Walk for Parkinson's back in Pollok Country Park a couple of years ago and I signed up for the Kiltwalk last year - obviously it was cancelled but I managed to get some great funds raised.

"I had initially planned to organise a huge fundraising event for what would have been my gran's 90th birthday celebration but I've been unable to do so - so I'm walking 3 miles every day throughout the month of April in her memory."

"I made a promise to myself that I wanted to do as much fundraising as possible to raise awareness of Parkinson's."

Jan Mattison, Regional Fundraiser for West of Scotland  said, “Jennifer has set herself a real challenge by setting a target to walk 90 miles throughout April and we’re absolutely bowled over by the effort she is putting in.  We really want to thank her and wish her lots of luck every step of the way.

“There are more than 1,000 people with Parkinson’s in Glasgow City and these are difficult times for our community. Thanks to the amazing support of people like Jennifer, we’re adapting by boosting our helpline capacity, providing tailored online exercise classes and making sure people who normally receive face-to-face support continue to do so in new ways.”