BBC's 'Big Life Fix' finds device to control Parkinson's tremor

Emma Lawton, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's when she was 29, appeared on the new TV series 'The Big Life Fix' on Wednesday 7 December.

Emma was featured on the programme alongside some of the UK's leading innovators who are creating ingenious solutions to everyday problems and digital products to improve the lives of people in need.

Helping Emma write her name

Emma, a graphic designer, has been unable to use a pen since developing tremors in her hands 2 years ago.

She struggles to draw or write her own name – a problem that has had a profound impact on her life both personally and professionally.

In the episode, Emma teams up with Haiyan Zhang, who is a director of innovation at Microsoft, and they work together to find a solution.

How to watch

The programme was on BBC Two at 9pm on Wednesday 7 December, and is available until 6 January 2017 on iPlayer.  

Catch up on iPlayer 

Digital tech to improve life with Parkinson's

Julie Dodd, our Digital Transformation Director, talks about how we want to use digital technology like apps and wearable devices to manage Parkinson's and build up information about the condition for researchers.