Support for family and friends

If a friend or family member has been diagnosed with Parkinson's it's normal to have a lot of questions.

Everyone with Parkinson's is different so how you support someone will also be unique.

We want to ensure that you have the right information to help your friend or family member with Parkinson's.

What's it like having a mum with Parkinson's?

It wasn't easy when Louisa's sons found out she had Parkinson's. But they are able to help her around the house and support her day to day.

Information for young carers

Helpline and local advisers

Our helpline and Parkinson's local advisers are here to answer any questions you have about being there for someone with Parkinson's.

Call us on 0808 800 0303.

More about the helpline and local advisers
Angela, who works for the helpline, answering a phone call