Sharing your writing

As you continue to develop your writing skills, you'll hopefully begin to feel more confident in your writing.

There's no pressure to share your writing and you may decide that you’d like to keep it to yourself, but as people's confidence grows, they often begin to want to share their work with others.

How to share your writing

You can share your writing in lots of different ways:

  • Joining a writing group will allow you to share your writing with other budding writers.
  • Submit your writing to a magazine or enter it into a local or national creative writing competition.
  • To share your writing informally, you could show it to family and friends.
  • To share your work on a wider scale, you can post on online forums (remaining anonymous if you prefer), set up a blog or share through social media.
  • You might also want to take a look at the Creative corner on our forum, where you can share your writing with other people in the Parkinson’s UK community.


A blog is like an online journal. You can publish entries on whatever you like, whenever you like.

Before you decide to set up a blog, try to answer these questions:

Why do you want to start a blog? To improve your writing? To make your voice heard? To get published? Ask yourself why you want a blog, so that you've got a clear idea of what you'll gain from one.

What will be the focus of your blog? Choosing a theme for your blog isn't essential, but it helps you to focus the content and gain a loyal following of people who are also interested in that specific topic.

Choose a blogging platform

There are loads of blogging platforms out there. To get you started, here are some of the most popular platforms:

You can create free blogs to get yourself started, but you can also set up a paid account if you get more serious. A paid account will let you host your own domain name, so you won't have or in your website address.

There are other benefits, like having no adverts on your site, but it's worth looking into the options yourself and seeing whether a paid account is worthwhile.

Set up your blog

Once you've chosen the best platform for your needs, sign up for an account. The site should guide you through this stage simply.

Start blogging

Log in to your new account and start blogging as soon as you want.

Customise your site

To make your site look great and show off your writing in the best way possible, you can choose a 'theme'. Each blog host will allow you to do this in a different way, so look for online support from your specific provider.


If you share your writing, you'll hopefully get some constructive feedback. Just be mindful of:

  • who you share your writing with
  • why you want feedback
  • what you want feedback on (eg if you want feedback on content rather than grammar and spelling)

Thinking about sharing your work?

Some questions to ask yourself

If you're not sure about sharing your work, think about your answers to these simple questions:

Who do you want to read your work?

  • Friends and family?
  • Other people who have similar experiences as you?
  • The general public?

Why do you want to share your work?

  • To try and help loved ones understand you?
  • To help others with similar difficulties?
  • Just to get your work in the public domain?


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