Get involved and do something new

Lots of people with Parkinson's have told us that despite the condition, you can still share your skills and make a difference.

Parkinson's doesn't define who you are. If you have an ambition you can achieve it, however big or small.

Sharing your skills and learning new ones

Everyone has their own skills and talents they've developed through work, hobbies and life experience. 

Sharing and learning skills with your family, friends and your local community can help to change attitudes about Parkinson's, and improve your confidence and wellbeing.

Getting involved will mean different things to different people. For you, it may mean:

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Having Parkinson's doesn't stop you helping others

From computer skills to volunteering and skydiving, people with Parkinson's share how they enjoy getting involved and trying new things in this video.

Leanne was 42 when she was diagnosed with Parkinson's

"I loved my job, and if I sat and pondered it I could become quite glum. But I thought, 'Right, I can't do that any more, what can I do?'

"That's where fundraising took over. Even if my aim is just to raise awareness of Parkinson's, I never miss a chance to raise money."

Retired firefighter Leanne lives with her family in Yorkshire.

How do you get involved and try something new with Parkinson's?

Do these ideas help, or do you have your own approach?

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