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Image of smiling woman using cross-trainer machine at gym


Exercise is good for you. And it's especially good for you if you have Parkinson's.

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach and the best exercise to do will depend on the way Parkinson's affects you. But the message is the same for everyone - go for it!

What exercise styles should I focus on?

3 things we know about exercise and Parkinson's

Image of woman smiling at Parkinson's exercise class

How we created this information

We worked with people with Parkinson's and expert physiotherapists to produce better information with different exercise styles for people to focus on depending on their symptoms.

We used this expertise to create a Parkinson's exercise framework.

Find out more about the framework

Straight from the expert

Physiotherapist Julie Jones explains how to get started and what improvements you can expect to see in your body if you exercise regularly.

Helpline and local advisers

Our helpline and Parkinson's local advisers are here to answer any questions you have about everyday life.

Call us on 0808 800 0303.

More about the helpline and local advisers
Angela, who works for the helpline, answering a phone call