High-intensity physical activity

Moderate to high-intensity means building up a sweat when you're active and challenging yourself to do something that takes plenty of effort. 

Top tips to increase your activity intensity

  • Try something that challenges you. There are lots of activities for people with Parkinson's that are high-intensity, so find something that's a challenge. 
  • Take things at your own pace. Try to build up to high-intensity workouts and consider sports or activities that you'd like to try. 
  • Make a plan for being active. Try to build high-intensity activities into your routine, or keep an activity diary to see your progress.  
  • Know your limits. Challenge yourself, but don't push too hard. You may need to rest muscles now and again or match your intensity to your mood.  

Ready to up your intensity?

There is a wide range of resources, guides and information from physiotherapists, activity providers and Parkinson’s professionals about taking part in high-intensity workouts.