Physical activity resources

Explore resources, hints, tips and materials to help you get active and feel more energised with Parkinson's.

Falls prevention

Being active with Parkinson's can help reduce the risk of falls by improving balance and coordination.  

However, it's important to consider steps you can take to reduce the risk of falls before you start being active. 

If you need advice, speak to your GP about the best ways to reduce the risk of falls.

Resources from other organisations

  • no silver bullet 4PD is a video playlist from Parkinson's professionals about the benefits of being active with the condition.

Grants for activity providers

Do you know a trainer, physiotherapist, or activity provider that wants to develop more opportunities for people with Parkinson's to get and stay physically active?

If so, they may be eligible for funding from our physical activity grants scheme to help them get started or develop their programme further!