Parkinson’s UK Volunteer Awards FAQs

Planning to make a volunteer award nomination but have some questions? Check out our Volunteer Awards FAQs.

At Parkinson’s UK, our values bring us together. We celebrate volunteers who champion these values as part of the incredible work they do for our community.

  • We’re people-first

People-first volunteers put the Parkinson’s community at the heart of everything they do. For example, leading an activity or event for people with Parkinson’s, and those who love and care for them.

  • We’re uniting

Uniting volunteers collaborate across the Parkinson’s community. They bring together other volunteers, researchers, staff, people living with the condition and their friends and family. For example, organising a research event series for their local group.

  • We’re pioneering

Pioneering volunteers champion new and innovative ways of doing things, like new technology. For example, setting up video call training sessions so that a Parkinson’s UK group can have remote meetings.

  • We’re driven

Driven volunteers strive to achieve impact. They’re always driven by the needs of the Parkinson’s community. For example, campaigning to get Parkinson’s understood in their local community.

Fundraising volunteer roles are:

  • Events Champions
  • Walk marshalls
  • Community volunteer speakers
  • Someone who gives talks in the local community
  • Someone involved in collecting cheques
  • Someone involved in community fundraising 
  • Someone involved in distributing tins
  • Someone who organises garden parties/other activities to raise money
  • Bag packers 

A fundraiser is someone who is solely raising money for us. This could be a run, an abseil, a walk or anything in between.  

Unfortunately, people who are not a registered Parkinson’s UK volunteer are not eligible for a volunteer award. 
Contact our Volunteering team to check if someone is a registered volunteer or to find out other ways to thank them if they’re not. You can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected].

 You can nominate a previous volunteer award winner if:

  • they were previously nominated for a team award and are now being  nominated for an individual award
  • they were previously nominated for an individual award and are now being nominated for a team award
  • you’re nominating them for a different role 
  • the area of volunteering they’re being nominated for is different to their previous award. For example they won an award for volunteering in research and you’re nominating them for climbing Snowdon for the charity.

To check if your nominee is a previous winner, please contact [email protected].

You can nominate anyone who has volunteered at one-off events like Walk for Parkinson’s, as long as they meet the other criteria. 
You’ll need to give examples of how they’ve demonstrated at least 1 of the Parkinson’s UK values, and had a positive impact on the Parkinson’s community. 

As long as your nominee’s achievement has taken place between now and 1 June 2020, you can nominate them.

You can nominate anyone involved in an event or activity, even if it hasn’t happened yet, as long as they meet all of the other criteria.

We’ll need some basic information about the person or team you’d like to nominate, like their name(s) and their volunteer role(s).

It’s also helpful for us to have as much information as possible about why you’re nominating them. For example:

  • How did they get involved with Parkinson’s UK? 
  • What has collaborating with them meant to you? 
  • What impact have they had on the Parkinson’s community?
  • What achievement are you nominating them for?
  • What makes your volunteer nominee extra special?

Sending evidence of the impact your nominee has is entirely optional. The main thing judges will want to hear about is the activities your nominee has been involved in and the impact they’ve had on the Parkinson’s community in-line with our values. 
If you would like to send in evidence of the impact your nominee has had, local radio or newspaper appearances are a great way to do this. You can scan anything supporting your nomination and send them to [email protected]. You can also send newspaper clippings in the post to: 
The Volunteering team
Parkinson's UK
215 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Please note, we won’t be able to send anything back to you. Please be sure to make copies if you’re posting us anything.
If you have any statistics that show the impact your nominee has had, please include these in your nomination. For example, organising sessions for 150 students to learn more about Parkinson’s. 
But don’t worry if you don’t have any evidence like this. It won’t negatively impact your nomination in any way.

Yes, provided the nominees meet the nominations criteria, there is no limit to how many nominations you can make.

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