Nicky's Story

Nicky was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of just 34. Living with pain, exhaustion and tremors, every day is a challenge for Nicky – all while caring for two young children. 

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"I knew something was wrong when I was 21. It was a really busy time for me, I was buying my first house, and started a new job. It was a lot, I enjoyed the challenge. But I didn’t feel right. I was really anxious and started to shake. I would go to the shop and have to leave because I was too overwhelmed. I didn’t know what was causing it."

"It wasn’t until I was 34 when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. At first I was relieved I had a diagnosis. It was a real fight to get my symptoms taken seriously. The first doctor told me I was exaggerating and doing it to myself. It was a long journey and I think it was partly because I didn't have all the well known Parkinson’s symptoms - but as we know everybody’s symptoms are very, very different.

"The shaking at the time was horrendous. I couldn't cut food. I couldn't hold a cup of tea. I couldn't fasten buttons or my shoes. Trying to feed my youngest was the worst. I had to surround myself with cushions. It was really difficult. 

"The hardest part of having Parkinson’s for me is accepting you've got Parkinson's and wondering what the future will hold for my family. I’m always tired and in constant pain, which is frustrating when you have small children. I want to take them to the park and play with them. But sometimes I just can’t - I do try though. 


You can give someone like Nicky hope for the future.

Your gift could develop new treatments to help people with Parkinson’s be there for the moments that matter - with friends, family and loved ones.

"If I didn't take my medicine I wouldn't be able to walk, talk or function properly. I'd just be sat in a chair shaking relying on everybody else to do things for me. I've only got about 9% dopamine left in my brain which is not very much at all. 

"Luckily my medicine works for me at the minute. But every day is different. And my Parkinson’s is going to get worse.

"If they did find a breakthrough treatment that helped slow down or stop the progression of Parkinson's, it would mean the world to me. I think my family would have a massive party. It would mean a new life.

"I do believe that Parkinson's UK will find a cure, or find something to stop it getting worse in my lifetime. But they need support.   

"You could help fund the next breakthrough that would make a big difference to somebody like me and my children." 

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By donating today, you'll help pioneer much-needed new treatments faster.

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